World class after sales support is provided by Fitness Pro team; as we believe that our Customers are our partners to success, we grow by helping them grow their business. Consultancy Services:

Other services:

also contributes in the market growth by offering complete solutions to its Clients by not only providing comprehensive range of equipment & solutions, but by offering consultancy services from designing the facilities' layout, interiorly and exteriorly, to choosing the right combination of equipment that meets customers needs.

After Sales Support

After sales support is not just limited to the usual maintenance procedures and spare Parts supplying but also by:

• Helping our customers to get the best out of their equipment by supporting their Staff through continues training and educational material.

• Help them to retain their clients by supporting their training needs and motivating them .

-one of the best applications was done using Polar technology to define the members’ Needs, helping them achieving their goals & giving them the physical evidence of this Achievement.

Our service include and not limited to:

1- Free of charge serviced ( Delivery & installation )

2- After sale services and original spare parts .

3- Warranty starts by 1 year to life time

4- Home use fitness equipment.

5- Equipping gym and fitness clubs in hotel , camps and guest houses.

6- Clubs layout ( 2D + 3D )